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The ultimate all-terrain leisure vehicle.

With all its available options and accessories, the Oxoride is your new best friend on road or track, for adventure or leisure, it’s up to you. This all-terrain buggy will stick to your skin like it is a part of you. It will adapt to you, it will do what you want to do and take you where you want to go.

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Need a heating pack? No problem. Need sounds? No problem. Maybe you want a totally enclosed mini 4X4? No problem. The Oxoride is a customizable dream. Equipped with four point safety belts and a safety arch, the  Oxoride is an ultra safe  all-roader. What’s more… it has power under the bonnet! It is  pure driving pleasure. Wherever you take your  buggy, it will always be reliable and trustworthy, with the added extra of  high flying performance. Just as at home on smooth tarmac tracks as craggy rugged trails,  Oxoride is an extremely versatile, powerful monster which will give you unparalleled  all-terrain pleasure. If you are looking for an   all-terrain leisure vehicle, Oxoride is for you.

Drive your life with Oxo

Black / White / Red
other colors on request



Oxo from the expertise oxobike

You know Oxo Bike and know-how in buggies and karts? Oxo Oxo becomes Bike and extends the history of buggy made ​​in 100% configurable France.