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oxokart 700 sp race


The Oxokart 700 SP Race is from the same all-terrain sports vehicles family as the  Oxokart 500 SP and the 500 SP Race, but with more power producing even greater punch and pleasure on outdoor adventure trails.

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Like the other Oxo buggies, the  Oxokart 700 SP’s design is unique, streamlined and ready for adventure. Reaching top speeds of 68 mph (or 100 MPH on private property ) the Oxokart 700 SP will bring you incredible new driving sensations, on or off road. Well adapted to help you get away from it all, it is the perfect buddy for your  sports or leisure outings. With style and character, this new generation high performance buggy stays faithful to the Oxo spirit, enabling you to simply drive anywhere, safely, thanks to the know-how and care of our dedicated team of technicians.

oxokart 700 sp race
White / Black / Red
other colors on request



Oxo from the expertise oxobike

You know Oxo Bike and know-how in buggies and karts? Oxo Oxo becomes Bike and extends the history of buggy made ​​in 100% configurable France.