Oxo buggies adapt to your state of mind

Oxo create, design and manufacture buggies to suit one and all, from city driving to   utility,  all-terrain, leisure and   competition.  But not every driver has the same needs. This is why the  Oxo technical team is there to help. The Oxo technical team will not only answer your questions but will work with you to meet your individual needs and customize your Oxo buggy to your very own lifestyle and desires.

The  Oxo philosophy is simple: Together, meet our customers’ requests and needs. The   Oxo design concept guarantees extreme adaptability. Each vehicle can be accessorized and customized according to your whim or that of your customer. With numerous possible design combinations you are able to create truly unique models. We have an extensive range of colors, professional accessories and fit-outs. With the help of our team you can have the buggy you want, created just for you.
Our teams are also at your service to create a fleet of cars for your company and help brand your company image. Say goodbye to the monotonous, traditional company car and say hello to innovation, fun and original designs; Go for an Oxo buggy!
Anything is possible with an Oxo buggy, so get in touch now!

Together, we can find your Oxo!

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