What’s new in 2014

Yes it’s true,  Oxo have been producing innovative buggies, designed andbuilt in France, since 2005. However, this year, Oxo is notching up a gear and developing new ranges of vehicles which can adapt to any driving situation: all-terrain,  leisure, racing, city, on-road, utility… you name it-they have it!

Furthermore, having conquered Europe, Asia and Australia, Oxo is heading to America in 2014!
Cutting edge automobile innovations can never be found anywhere near traditional car manufacturers, only with those who are truly passionate about vehicles. Oxo is the perfect example. Oxo has been a cut above its competitors since it was created in 2005. The Oxo team designs, constructs and fine-tunes all-terrain buggies which have real personality and  superior technology under the bonnet. Oxo buggies are able to adapt to all driving styles and situations. Over recent years,  Oxo buggies have become an industry benchmark.
With EPA certification pending and after having conquered Europe, Asia and even Australia,  Oxo is super excited about coming to America  and embracing the challenge of competition within the worlds largest  leisure vehicles market.

Characterized by its panache, character and above all the pleasure felt behind the wheel, the  Oxo buggy concept has become unique in its field. Oxo buggies revel in any situation and adapt to your everyday life and activities.

oxo car standard