OXO goes stateside

Oxo, the new French automobile manufacturer, attended “ PRI Indianapolis 2013” and made the most of this gigantic international trade fair to introduce its diverse range of vehicles and pledge “Next year, we’re coming stateside!”
Oxo has been designing and manufacturing innovative all-terrain vehicles and  leisure buggies since 2005. After having developed a market in Europe and Asia, this exciting  French vehicle constructor is now crossing the Atlantic to American soil. In 2014, at the Performance Racing Industries” trade show in Indianapolis, Oxo will be there, taking this opportunity to officially mark its arrival in the United States of America…stateside!
The United States offers miles of magnificent scenery; mountains, roads and trails to be discovered, in short, the ideal playground for Oxo all-terrain buggies. In contrast to this are the huge, busy and buzzing cities, the ideal playground for the new Oxocity  urban vehicle. So whether you are an off-road  adrenalin junkie or a supple and smooth city cruiser or even if you simply want something practical for work, the Oxo range of vehicles has exactly what you are looking for.
Oxo’s range of  buggies and  all-terrain vehicles has been designed in France to provide constant pleasure behind the wheel, on any surface from tarmac to soil. The conception is in France, but it’s really all about you. You can choose four-wheel or two-wheel drive, you can choose from numerous engines and you can choose the final finishing look.
Pending  EPA approval,  Oxo will launch you onto the American roads in 2014 and make you want to go even further.
Oxo: Taking the French automobile revolution stateside!
Don’t miss this opportunity to own the French automobile industries latest  innovation and  technology. Drive life the American way;  Drive your life with OXO.

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