Oxo, buggy 100% modular and flexible

Oxo buggy is a fully adaptable and flexible vehicle. Configurable to suit your tastes and activities, your Oxo will follow you everywhere : in the city, on the roads, to transport equipment , the circuits …

The highlight buggies Oxo is certainly their ability to adapt to you and your lifestyle . Previously under the name Bike Oxo , Oxo the vehicles kept their side scalable and editable . Our design teams and design have the power to shape your Oxo your image as you wish. Oxo then takes different forms. Sometimes small city car suitable for urban driving , sometimes silly circuits but also the muscular acceleration utility vehicle dedicated to the professional activities or off-road recreational vehicle .

With a wide range of colors available, many accessories, Oxo has the faculties of the chameleon. Able to transform at will , depending on your direction. Its strength lies in the ultra- modularity which makes it a unique buggy. All with style and character. Driving your personalized Oxo , you enter in the future with a four-wheel vehicle that suits you. A vehicle that you have created in your image.