Oxo, step strongly towards the future

Oxo has been specializing in the production of high quality Made in France all-terrain vehicles and  Go-Karts since 2005. The company is located in the heart of  France, in the Loire County. The Oxo team’s know-how is recognized as being the benchmark for competition, leisure,  all-terrain and on-road/off-road buggies. Oxo continuously strives to innovate, creating bigger and better experiences for their customers. For Oxo, the customer behind the wheel is the heart of their creations.

Oxo: A strong step towards the vehicles of the future!

Combining innovative concepts with strong and solid experience, Oxo has become a force to reckon with in the French automobile construction industry, offering a range of   buggies for multiple uses. There are powerful buggies, versatile buggies, sports buggies, utility buggies and even city-life buggies. As a result,  Oxo is a major player not only in the markets of   leisure and urban vehicles but also  vehicles for outdoor professionals (farmers, gardeners, golfers, riding centers…)

Oxo’s expertise has been acknowledged throughout several continents and this recognition continues to spread every year. In 2014,  Oxo will arrive in the United States of America.  With their wide open spaces and legendary roads, Americans will soon be able to join the Australians and Asians in getting a taste of the driving pleasure and sensations only found behind the wheel of a true vehicle of the future: An Oxo Buggy.

Drive your life with OXO.

oxo car standard