Oxo buggies

All  Oxo buggies are of authentic  European design.
They have been created and studied in the Oxo Research and Development labs in France by our specialist mechanical and material engineers. When you are behind the wheel of an   Oxo buggy you recognize that unmistakable quality that is the ‘French touch’.

Oxo’s technical and technological excellence has been highlighted by many professionals, notably on all-terrain sports competition circuits throughout the world. You can be sure that before a professional endorses a product, they know it is worth it.

You can also be sure that if today,  Oxo exports to the  US, Australia and Asia, it is because of the proven quality of their all-terrain vehicles and buggies. The Oxo buggies have character, charm and style and are waiting for you now. If you want unforgettable fun on roads, tracks, muddy paths, forests… wherever- your Oxo will be up for it.
The question isn’t really ‘Where will you go?’ but ‘Will you go the distance….?’

oxo car standard