When the buggy fits your style

With Oxo , everything is possible. Oxo your buggy is a fully configurable vehicle. Revolution four wheels, Oxo provide an opportunity for your creativity to express themselves.

Buggies Oxo are auto revelation of the year 2014. Designed to fit your use, Oxo is buggy tailor- made in France from the expertise Oxo Bike. Design teams Oxo bend over backwards to develop the buggy that you like. Following your instructions , the design and amenities of our karts adapt to your wishes. It is you who decide what form your new buggy.
With multiple facilities like hard top , the door panels , different rims, snow plow , etc. . Buggies Oxo fashion all purposes. Want a handy little vehicle around town ? The Oxocity is for you ! You want a vehicle to do everything a truly modular utility ? No problem , go on a Oxotrack by adding the necessary equipment for your business ( dump -trailer, tracked snow, third seat or an electric winch ) . If you prefer a car designed to take you on the cross roads for timeless walks, we offer the Oxoride or Oxokart .
Each buggy Oxo is different and the image of its owner. Just decide and our team will design you like Oxo .