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French touch’ goes global

Oxo is a brand of all-terrain vehicles, designed in France, for a host of different uses. You’ll find Oxo vehicles in the  all-terrain sport and leisure markets, the all-terrain utility markets and of course the normal city road market. The Oxo brand epitomises French flair: chic, dynamic and innovative.

All Oxo buggies have been designed by our specialist team in our research and development centre, in France. Oxo vehicles are dedicated to driving pleasure within the constraints of work and everyday city life.  All Oxo vehicles meet current EEC and EPA construction standards, legislation and type approval. The Oxoride, Oxotrack, Oxospyder, Oxocity, Oxokart 800 SP Race‘s approvals from the EPA are coming soon.

Oxo’s are the new automobile sensation for 2014, in France, throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and now in the United States of America. The Oxo range is huge with a variety of engine sizes and colours. This allows you to use your Oxo in multiple situations and get the pleasure you are looking for behind the wheel.
Oxo buggies are modular and multi facetted to suit your requirements. Oxo is a European vehicle manufacturer that brings you the ‘French touch’ combining style, sensation, passion and pleasure.  Oxo invites you to step firmly in to the future with their vehicles.

Drive your life with Oxo

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